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Founded by Licensed Psychotherapist, workshop clinician, and public speaker Greg Roberts M.A., LPC, NCC, Sound Mind Associates is a full service private counseling practice committed to helping people establish and maintain effective interpersonal relationships. Roberts holds a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations and Master of Arts in Clinical Counseling from Hampton University. Roberts has also done doctoral study in Clinical Psychology (Psy.D) at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology in Washington, DC., during which time he trained as  an extern with the District of Columbia Superior Court’s Child Guidance Clinic focusing on psychological testing and assessment.


Roberts, a nationally board certified psychotherapist, has worked in the field of counseling and psychological services for over a decade addressing the various psycho-social challenges facing children, adults and families primarily in underserved areas of color. Since beginning practice, Roberts has served various public charter and non-public special education placement schools in the role of school psychologist providing psychological assessment and therapy-based services, in addition to providing clinical intervention for adult client issues. Licensed by the District of Columbia’s Department of Health, Roberts launches his most recent venture, Sound Mind Associates, where he aims to aid others as they seek to exchange fear and doubt for peace of mind.


  • Therapist licensed by the District of Columbia Department of Health, Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) PRC14880


  • Nationally Board Certified Counselor (NCC) National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC) Cert. Number 285839


  • Certified Psychometrist Regular K-12, by The District of Columbia's Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE)

"Providing you with the best options for the best care"

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