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Sound Mind Associates utilizes cognitive behavioral and psychodynamic therapy approaches in one on one

& group therapy sessions. 


We offer a wide range of consulting services from professional ethics to adolescent behavior to premarital readiness conversations.

National Activist
Care Network

With services ranging from direct individual therapy to psychoeducational group trainings and workshop facilitation, it is Sound Mind’s intent to assist activists experiencing increased levels of anxiety, specifically as it relates to the various traumas experienced within their work in the social justice space.

Virtual Therapy

Sound Mind’s virtual therapy option adds a layer of convenience that brings the therapist right into the client’s home.

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Taking care of your Mental Health

Full Service
Private Practice

Counseling and psychological services for over a decade addressing the

multi-faceted psycho-social challenges facing adolescents, adults and families.

100 % Qualified

Licensed by the District of Columbia’s Department of Health.


Over a decade of diversified experience with families of various backgrounds  in the educational system and private practice.

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