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Professional Ethics in Pastoral/Spiritual Counseling 

Sound Mind provides an ethical standards training for pastors and religious leaders. This training course details the ethical framework by which professional counselors and therapists are required to adhere to by law, thus arming spiritual counselors with a professional counseling toolbox.

I AM STUPID, (but it ain’t my Fault!!)

I AM STUPID, is a seminar designed to give teens a glimpse into their lives and decisions through the adult/parent lens. It is a practical lesson on how the biology of teenage brain development impacts decision making processes, utilizing real life examples relevant to the teenage demographic and experience.  (This program is offered in two formats, school-based, family-based.)

Mental Health in Schools

Sound Mind offers consulting services to elementary and secondary education school environments for the purpose of providing schools with an effective and ethical framework for addressing psycho-social challenges that impact students functioning in the school environment.


Am I REALLY ready is a premarital counseling seminar designed to help couples pondering marriage, and newly engaged couples process the transition from being single to married, placing the emphasis on functioning as a spouse and not so much on “getting” married.

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