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Anastazja has received her master’s degreewith Academic Distinction in Clinical Mental Health from Northwestern University. She received a bachelor’s degreein Psychology and Criminology. Anastazjahas worked with individuals, couples, children, and families of various cultural backgrounds and concerns, including anxiety, body image, and self-esteem concerns, relationship issues, life transitions, depression, trauma, grief, and loss as well as career counseling.


Research has shown that when we make small positive shifts in our habits, we show up differently to those around us. Anastazja is passionate about helping individuals gain a new perspective, where they feel empowered and walk through life with confidence and inner peace. Anastazja takes a collaborative approach to therapy. She offers a calm and grounded presence; where together you will target concerns and create goals you would like to achieve.


Anastazja's favorite forms of treatment are cognitive and behavioral therapy, multicultural approach, acceptance and commitment approach, as well as solution-focused and psychodynamic therapies. With new profound insights and an understanding of the body and mind connection, you will be able to make alasting and positive change in your relationship with yourself and others.

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